Hi! I'm Kim

Hi there! I’m Kim, the owner behind all things Baublebee Co. All of my products began with me saying, "wow, I really wish we had..."

I’m a busy mom of two who just wants to do my part in creating an eco-friendly home. But as I searched for products to reduce plastics and single-use, nothing that was currently available really hit the mark for me.

So, I set out to make my own.

I got my sewing machine out of the attic, researched materials, designed, redesigned, made prototypes, and put my creations to the test. Then, it's off to the sewing studio. I love tweaking designs and patterns to get things exactly right before I reveal them in the shop. 

Everything I make is machine washable, extra durable, and made with little hands in mind. You can rest assured knowing each product has been thoughtfully made and thoroughly tested.

My own kids used their washable snack bags on the daily for over a year before I even introduced them to the shop. I wanted to make sure they held up to heavy use and lots of wash cycles. And you can find at least a few busy books in my car at any given time just in case we decide on an impromptu dinner outing. Mom made. Mom approved.

I want sustainability to be easy and fun for families to talk about and incorporate into their lives. I want moms who are ready to invest in reusables to be able to find the right products without having to dive deep into the internet (or their pockets). I want customers to feel confident in the products they purchase and bring into their homes. I strive to be the business I was looking to find when I wanted eco friendly products.

One of the big reasons I wanted to start my own business was so I could support initiatives and organizations that are important to me. In addition to supporting our local elementary school, I also donate to Bee Girl each quarter. Learn more about the incredible ways Sarah is impacting agriculture education here.

I adore animals, love a good DIY project, and can usually be found with an iced green tea in hand (or Sauv Blanc in the evening - okay, sometimes afternoon 😉).

We got our first puppy 2 years ago and she's definitely the third child (and knows it). She's my furry pride and joy. 

I love to cook and explore new recipes (cocktails included), but don't be surprised if you catch me in the Chick Fil A drive through on a Friday night after a busy week.

I'm a former teacher and feel a little guilty saying I don't miss the classroom. I DO enjoy volunteering at the local elementary school - planning events, helping the teachers, and can be found on every PTO committee.